How Long Does Fashion Nova Rush Shipping Take?

Every order that is placed on Fashion Nova’s online store is eligible for free standard shipping. When the sum of an order is less than $75, the cost is $7.99, and the delivery time is projected to be between 9 and 12 working days. If the sum of your order is $75 or more, you are eligible for free standard shipping, and the expected arrival time is between 9 and 12 working days.

How do I return a Fashion Nova product?

You may return a Fashion Nova product in one of three different methods, according to the company’s Return Policy: either by sending it back in the mail, returning it in person, or filling out their online return form. Please explain the item you are returning on the order packaging sheet that was sent to you.

Does Fashion Nova ship to PO boxes?

We are able to transport packages to PO Boxes through the United States Postal Service.However, you cannot get expedited shipment to a post office box in the United States.There are also other carrier alternatives available, and we have the discretion to switch carriers at any moment if necessary.When dealing with overseas shipments, the items will be brought into the country on the behalf of the customer.

  • The consignor gives Fashion Nova permission to import the products on his behalf, and Fashion Nova agrees to do so.
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How long does a Fashion Nova gift card last?

The value of a Fashion Nova E-Gift Card is never lost and may be redeemed immediately at any Fashion Nova retail location. Within seven days of receiving the item, you must report any problems with it, such as defects, erroneous information, or damage, to Fashion Nova here. How can I return a product purchased from Fashion Nova?

How long will it take for my order to ship?

Please be aware that the processing time for orders with final destinations in the United States can range anywhere from one to twelve business days from the date that the order is shipped out, and not necessarily from the date that the order was placed.This delay is dependent on the shipping method that is chosen as well as the final destination of the order.You will get a notification through email with your order’s tracking information as soon as it has been dispatched.