How Much Is Chewy Shipping?

For any orders that are less than $49, Chewy applies a fixed delivery pricing of $4.95. After you have spent more than $49, all of your items will be delivered to your door at no additional cost. ALSO READ: What Are the Best Vegan Foods for Cats? We Suggest Adding Meat.

What is the cost of shipping? Free shipping on orders over $49! The shipping cost for any other type of order is a flat $4.95.

Does chewy use auto ship?

Although I do not utilize auto ship, I do place an order at least once a month for my two dogs (each of which eats a different diet), and each purchase is above $49, which qualifies it for free delivery. Chewy always sends my orders to me by ″normal″ Fed Ex, and with very few exceptions, I receive them the next business day.

What is chewy’s customer service like?

In light of the foregoing, it is important to note that Chewy provides a satisfaction guarantee on each and every order. In the event that there are any problems with the shipment of an order, the customer support staff at Chewy will trace the item and, if required, either give a replacement or issue a refund. 16. In addition to that, they have a registered pharmacy.

Does chewy (pet supplies) have 20% off?

I was ultimately enticed to make a purchase from Chewy, which sells pet supplies, because they provide a discount of 20% when you sign up for autoship, and the price of their products before the discount was already quite low. On the other hand, the shipment was made by FedEx Home Delivery (I had it shipped to my office).