How Much Is Pura Vida Shipping?

All orders that are more than $35 qualify for free standard delivery from Pura Vida. Your products will be sent to you for a total cost of $4 if your order total is less than $35. Does wearing a puravida ring cause your finger to glow green?


Expedited Shipping $26 2-3 WORKING DAYS

How much does a Pura Vida bracelet cost?

The Pura Vida For the Troops Braided Bracelet may be purchased for the price of $15.60.This bracelet is weaved with three different colors, each of which represents a different branch of the armed forces.The Pura Vida For The Troops Braided Bracelet is available in black, beige, and green, which are the traditional colors of the military.

  • With the Pura Vida Cure Childhood Cancer Charm Bracelet, you can show your support for the fight to eliminate cancer in children.

What is Pura Vida’s return policy?

The Pura Vida online store does not accept returns or exchanges for any items purchased there; all sales made there are final (except rings).Confirming whether or not your purchase is a final sale requires a second look at the ″Details″ section of the product’s page.This rule has a few notable exemptions, including the following: In less than a year after purchase, either the bracelet or the accessory has broken (online orders only).

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Is Pura Vida a good business?

This investigation of Pura Vida bracelets discovered that the Better Business Bureau gives the firm a grade of A, which is the second highest possible score that a company can receive.If you’re not acquainted with how businesses are graded by the BBB, the rating that Pura Vida received shows that the company engages in responsible business practices and resolves consumer concerns thoroughly.

What is Pura Vida for the troops?

This non-profit organization in the United States offers immediate and financial aid as well as support that lasts a lifetime to members of the United States Armed Forces who have been wounded in war, are terminally sick, or have suffered catastrophic injuries.The Pura Vida For the Troops Braided Bracelet may be purchased for the price of $15.60.This bracelet is weaved with three different colors, each of which represents a different branch of the armed forces.

How fast is Pura Vida shipping?

Free 3-5 day shipping through DHL Global Mail on all orders over $25 inside the United States. Returns accepted at no cost during the first 15 days after purchase. Typically, orders are fulfilled on the next business day.

Is it okay to get Pura Vida Bracelets wet?

I’m sorry, but you can’t go swimming or exercise if you have plated jewelry on! Water is perfectly safe to use with your originals, but excessive exposure to H2O can wreak havoc on your metal components.

Can you wear Pura Vida in the shower?

Each and every anklet is completely impervious to water. You may go snowboarding, surfing, or even take a shower while wearing them. Your anklets will appear and feel even more natural if you wear them on a daily basis as recommended.

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How long does Pura Vida take to get to your house?

All orders are processed within two to four business days, and then shipped out either United States Postal Service or United Parcel Service Ground, which can take an additional five business days (see changes from USPS). Weekends and holidays are off limits for shipment of orders.

Where does Pura Vida ship to?

When a product is dispatched, ownership of the product transfers from Pura Vida Create Good to the customer, and after a product has been shipped, we are no longer liable for any difficulties or delays that may occur during shipping. We do not ship anywhere outside of the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Do Pura Vida rings turn finger green?

The ring is not made entirely out of silver. A green ring will be left around your finger as a result.

Does Pura Vida use real crystals?

The stones are 100 percent real (meaning 100 percent unique!).- Do you want your plated jewelry to survive for a longer period of time?Have a look at these helpful hints!

  • Pura Vida Bracelets, which was established in Costa Rica, creates long-term employment opportunities for artists all over the world and promotes awareness for charitable organizations by selling items with a charitable component.

Does Pura Vida actually donate?

We at Pura Vida are extremely thankful to have been able to give over $4 million* to more than 200 different charitable organizations. We are passionate about supporting charitable organizations that, in our view, are working to improve the state of the world. The amount of donations that are presently being processed is included in the charity donation counter.

Are Pura Vida rings sterling silver?

PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted from the finest grade and authentic 925 sterling silver (precious metals), durable and hypoallergenic, safe for your sensitive skin PREMIUM QUALITY: Crafted from the highest grade and authentic 925 sterling silver (precious metals) Pura Vida makes rings that are both beautiful and functional pieces of jewelry and fashion accessories.

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Are 4Ocean bracelets waterproof?

The Bracelet of the Four Oceans Because these wristbands are waterproof, you don’t have to worry about getting them wet if you wear them while you’re in the pool or the ocean. This bracelet is the primary design offered by 4Ocean; however, there are a few unique variations that are also available for purchase.

How do I keep my Pura Vida bracelet tight?

To begin, you will need to determine how much the length of your bracelet may be shortened while still allowing you to put it on.To accomplish this, just fasten the bracelet around your wrist after slipping it on.Slide the knots carefully back and forth until you are able to roll the bracelet off of your hand.

  • You shouldn’t be too concerned about it being slightly snug since the new knots you tie will shift slightly as you work.

How do I cancel Pura Vida texts?

  1. You have the ability to either ″opt in″ or ″opt out″ of some of our uses of your Personal Information. You can exercise this right by contacting us at [email protected] or by making a request in writing to Pura Vida Bracelets, which is located at 7979 Ivanhoe Ave.
  2. Or email: [email protected]

How do I cancel my Pura Vida subscription?

Take one of the following actions to cancel your subscription:

  1. Your Pura Vida account is waiting for you to log in.
  2. To manage your subscriptions, click the Manage tab
  3. To cancel your reservation, please follow any additional steps

How do I contact Pura Vida?

Feel free to call us at (858) 232-4945 or send us an email at [email protected] if you have any queries regarding the company in general.