How To Add Free Shipping On Shopify?


  1. Navigate to the Settings > Shipping and delivery section of your Shopify admin
  2. Click the Manage rates button that is located next to the shipping profile to which you wish to add a free shipping rate
  3. Include the shipping fee for each delivery zone, excluding those that qualify for the free shipment rate: Click the Add rate button. Please enter the name of the rate here.
  4. Select the Save option

Should you offer discounts on your Shopify products?

I’m sure that if you operate a Shopify store, like many others, you’ve considered offering price reductions or even free delivery on some or all of your items. It is imperative that you provide your consumers with fantastic specials such as this one, since it will increase the likelihood that they will shop at your establishment again in the future.

Is there an app to add a message to the Shopify store?

Hello, everyone! My name is Alex, and I serve as the Guru here at Shopify. It would appear that there is not a special app for adding the message in that location; but, if there were such an app, the installation of the code required to utilize it would probably follow a method that is quite similar to the one described here. You can give the following a shot: