How To Delete Shipping Addresses On Amazon?

Look for a button called ″Edit″ in the section of the page that is titled ″Default Shipping Address.″ To delete an address from your list, select it and then select the Delete button that appears next to the address.Take note that if you just have one ship-from address associated with your account, you won’t be able to change the default shipping address associated with that address.You will need to first add a new address and then make the newly added address the default shipping address before you will be able to remove an existing address.

After selecting ″Your Account,″ navigate to the ″Account Settings″ menu, and then choose ″Your Addresses.″ After selecting the address you no longer wish to use, select ″Remove″ from the menu. Your email address will be removed from our system right away.

How do I delete Christopher’s address from my Amazon address book?

At the very bottom, there is a row of three options labeled respectively Edit, Remove, and Set as Default.The second item would undoubtedly come as a shock to him, especially if a delivery of groceries was made, but I would like to remove Christopher’s address from the address book that Amazon provides me with access to.You guessed correctly; this is accomplished by clicking the Remove button.One click, and.

Can I edit my shipping address without deleting it?

You are able to update an address without having to delete it if that is all you want to do with it. Be aware, too, that even if you go back and change the address associated with your account at this time, your previously placed orders will still be sent to the address that you specified when you checked out.

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How do I remove an address from my account?

On the tab labeled ″Your Addresses,″ you will see all of the addresses that you have already stored. Find the address that you want to take from the list. Then, click the ″Remove″ button that is located at the bottom of that address.

How to delete an obsolete address from Amazon account?

It turns out that there is a method to clear away all of those old addresses from your Amazon account, and it’s not a very difficult process. To begin, log in to your account and navigate to the Your Account option under the Account & Lists menu: Now comes the one and only difficult portion.