How To Package A Painting For Shipping?

Whether or not an artwork is framed affects both how it should be packaged for transportation and how it should be shipped.If the artwork does not have a frame around it, you should protect it from any damage during transport by covering the front of it with glassine paper, which can be purchased at most craft stores.After that, wrap the artwork into a tube and place it in the tube to transport it.

How do you pack a painting for shipping?

1 Glassine tips (1:45): Place the painted side down on the glassine, and make sure there is enough space for it to wrap around the sides.Please only use artist tape in this space and not packing tape.2 helpful hints on bubble wrap (3:03): Face the surface of your painting away from you and press it flat on the side of the bubble wrap that has a smooth surface.Three boxing pointers at 7:56:

How to pack artwork for a move?

Cover the painting with a piece of plastic or place it in a bag to protect it.Put the lid on the bag.At least two layers of bubble wrap should be used to protect the artwork.Include the corner guards with your order.

Place the artwork such as a painting or photograph between two sheets of plywood, Styrofoam, or two pieces of foam board, and then secure the structure using adhesive tape.Place the two paintings side by side inside the box.

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How to package framed paintings?

How to Package Paintings That Have Frames 1 1. Be sure to don your gloves first. As was previously discussed, the natural oils that are present on our hands have the ability to harm the painted surface of your painting. The Number Two: Wrap Your Painting 3. Make sure your painting is safe. 4 4. Wrap your painting in a plastic bag and set it aside. 5 5. Wrap Again. Additional things

Can I ship my artwork?

However, rolling your painting might potentially cause it to become damaged, therefore we do not advocate doing so.2.Shipment of Artworks Composed of Charcoal and Pastels You may also send out pieces created with charcoal and pastels.To keep the surface’s particles in their proper places, you need to do nothing more than spray it with a fixative.

Make sure that you are spraying your job in a location that has adequate ventilation and that is away from children and pets.

How do you package up a painting?


  1. Boxes of the Appropriate Size Should Be Matched With the Artwork. Your artwork should be sorted according to size.
  2. Glass should be marked with a ″X″
  3. Be sure to guard the front of the artwork.
  4. Paper and bubble wrap are used to encase the artwork.
  5. Test Movement.
  6. Completely close and seal the Box
  7. Put the Box’s Contents and Descriptor on the Marker.
  8. Arrange the Boxes so that they fit into the Truck

How do you package an acrylic painting?

If you are shipping, storing, or moving paintings that are made of acrylic, you should first wrap the acrylic in wax paper or glass line paper before packaging it. This will prevent the acrylic from clinging to the painting and causing damage. In addition to this, before covering the image, make sure that it is completely water resistant.

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What is the best way to send a painting?

Shipping a canvas or painting through the US Postal Service is the most cost-effective option.The United States Postal Service is your greatest choice if you’re seeking for the most cost-effective method to mail your hard canvas, since this will be the case the majority of the time.As long as your canvas isn’t too enormous, the United States Postal Service (USPS) offers the ideal combination of economical pricing and speedy delivery timeframes.

How do you package a canvas?

Considerations to Make When Packing Canvas Artwork

  1. Take Care to Acquire the Necessary Supplies
  2. You shouldn’t just throw your canvas into any old box
  3. Take Extra Care When Wrapping
  4. Avoid putting many canvases in the same box
  5. Do Label Your Boxes
  6. You shouldn’t stack other things on top of your canvas boxes
  7. Do Invest in Professional Moving Companies

How do I ship a painting USPS?

What should I do if I want to mail a painting? Strong packing tape should be used to secure the protective cardboard in place where it needs to be. By doing so, you will be able to build a ″box″ around your photo, painting, or drawing. Before you place your artwork in its container, you should first provide it an additional layer of defense by wrapping it in many layers of bubble wrap.

How do I ship a canvas painting USPS?

When you are getting your artwork ready to be shipped, the very first thing you need to do is cover it with a piece of thin plastic and wrap it up. This film will safeguard your canvas against moisture, which is a factor that might adversely influence the print’s quality. In addition to this, it will prevent anything from clinging to the canvas while it is being transported.

How much does it cost to ship a 16×20 painting?

How much does it cost to transport a canvas that is 8 inches by 10 inches?

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Product price Standard shipping 5–9 business days
8×10′ $32.99 $9.99
11×14′ $35.99 $9.99
16×16′ $44.99 $10.99
16×20′ $49.99 $9.99

Can I wrap an acrylic paintings in bubble wrap?

HDPE should be used to cover all of your artwork (high density polyethelene). Acrylic will not retain any adhesiveness from this specific material. NEVER EVER EVER EVER USE BUBBLE WRAP! There is a possibility that the surface of your artwork will take on the textured appearance of the bubble wrap.

How much does it cost to ship a painting USPS?

The shipping cost for an incredibly tiny print is roughly $5 with the USPS.When they are rolled up and put in a tube, the cost of shipping bigger prints or paintings on paper can range anywhere from $5 to $20.This cost is determined on the size of the item being transported.The cost to ship a small or medium-sized painting on canvas through UPS or Fedex ranges from around $10 to $50 on average.

How much does it cost to ship a painting UPS?

Paintings on canvas that range in size from small to medium can be transported through UPS or Fedex for anywhere between ten and fifty dollars, depending on the dimensions of the painting.Additionally, the cost of delivery will increase if you choose to declare the item’s worth, which is analogous to purchasing insurance.When shipping by UPS or Fedex, the price of shipping a large picture that is above 30 inches in one dimension will typically be at least $50.

How do you ship art work?


  1. Works on a smaller scale may be packaged and sent in brand-new corrugated cardboard boxes with two walls
  2. Crates should be used for anything with dimensions more than 48 inches on a single side
  3. Rolling and shipping artwork that has not been mounted requires tubes that are at least four inches longer than the shortest side of the item when it is rolled flat.