How To Package Art For Shipping?

Put an artwork that is framed or already mounted inside the container. If you are sending a painting that has been framed or mounted, remove the painting that has been wrapped and slip it into the frame or the mirror box. Put it in there so that it takes up the entirety of the space within the box.

How to packaging and ship artwork?

10 Essential Pieces of Advice for Shipping and Packing Artwork Take attention in your measurements since the dimensions are quite significant if you want to get the appropriate amount of packing and avoid spending an excessive amount of money. You also need to have a firm grasp on which direction is upward (when shipping sculptures).

How do I ship an art print?

If you need to transport an art print, you might be concerned about how to box it so that it makes it to its destination without being harmed in any way. You are in luck since you can package your prints in a way that is both secure and inexpensive by using only a few fundamental components. A flat mailer is the best option for sending smaller prints.

What is the maximum value of artwork for shipping?

Establish the worth of the artwork. We advise shipping artwork that has a limit of liability no higher than one thousand dollars and a maximum stated value no higher than one thousand dollars. We provide Premium Art Boxes, which are lined with a plastic protection and foam, for customers who are shipping artwork with a value more than $500.