What Shipping Does Shein Use?

When shipping to the United States using the Standard Shipping option, SHEIN utilizes China Post, and the United States Postal Service is responsible for the delivery of packages. In most cases, SHEIN collaborates with national postal systems, including those of nations in Asia and Europe. FedEx is the preferred service for sending items internationally through express delivery.

Shein Package Tracking When you place an order with Shein destined for the United States, your package will most likely be transported by China Post and delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) if you select Standard Shipping.

Is Shein an online retailer?

Shein is mostly an online shop at this point, with just a few pop-up stores located here and there across the world. Due to the fact that Shein is an online shop, it has greater flexibility when it comes to delivery.

How many items can I order from Shein to Canada?

For the purpose of comparison, I order around 30–40 products each month from SHEIN to Canada. UPDATE on the COVID-19 problem: the crisis with COVID has caused significant damage to SHEIN’s shipping facilities. I was able to make direct touch with their mid level staff, and they confirmed that COVID is being taken extremely seriously by them.